language translation is necessary to understand the concept of articles that are written in other languages. So translation is very essential in our life. Moreover, Google translator plays a vital role in translation compared to other translators. Google translator allows us to translate a whole web page. In this article, I am going to tell you the way for translating the whole web page.

To use Google Translate to translate a web page, follow these steps and see the figures that are uploaded here for reference:

Step 1:

Open a Web Browser and Go to the Google translate website. link -->

Step 2:

On the Google Translate website, you will see two text areas. Type the website name that you want to translate in the left text area. Then, click the website link that appears in the right text area.

Step 3:

Now under the address bar, Google translator options will appear. Google translator itself detects a language used in that website that you want to translate. On the right side choose the language you want the website translated into. That's all. You can see the translated web page on your web browser.

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